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oct. 08,2022 - oct.09,2022

"Sport of the mind", art or the Game of Kings, chess is a metaphor for the skill of the mind, a game of the mind and pure passion for children and adults who participate in tournaments. The Little Chess Iași and Iaşah sports club, in collaboration with Iulius Mall, organizes, between October 8-9, the "Little Chess" Cup, a competition that brings together, year after year, both dedicated players, children and seniors, registered at the clubs of chess, as well as amateurs.

The 17th edition of the "Little Chess" contest brings the art of chess to your city through three tournaments, where 130 participants aged between 5 and 80 will demonstrate skills, competitive spirit and the value of fair- play in a competition that has become a tradition. The cup will be held on the ground floor of Iulius Mall, in the space in front of Carrefour Market, and will include trials for each participating category.

The Open A-Rapid tournament makes its debut on Saturday, October 8, from 10:00 a.m., and will continue on Sunday, starting at 3:00 p.m. at 5:30 p.m., when prizes will be awarded to a generous number of participants. All you have to do is pay a participation fee of 80 lei.

As chess is not limited to the virtues of the mind to think strategies, Saturday evening brings, from 18:00, the Open C-Blitz tournament, a real show that highlights not only the skills acquired after hours of training, but and the ingenuity to recognize patterns, read emotions and have vision when the game is far from predictable.

In the spirit of chess, life opens up new horizons and "serious play" is gaining ground among amateurs of all ages, eager to share their passion in the Open B-Amateurs and 1001 tournament, which will take place on Sunday, starting at 11 :00. The tournament includes 4 rounds for the two age categories, Under 10 and Under 14, and the organizers have prepared chess sets, cards, medals and diplomas for the winners.

Registrations for all three tournaments are made through the e-mail address of the referee of the competition, Gherasim Ovidiu:
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